Beal and Team Chuck Get Win

Posted on February 16, 2013 by Jeremy Hyman

Jeremy Hyman -

Bradley Beal had 12 points, four assists, two steals, and one rebound as Team Chuck blew out Team Shaq, 163-135, in Friday night's BBVA Rising Stars Challenge. Kenneth Faried led all scorers with 40 points and won the game's MVP award.

Beal started the game a little tentative and missed his first three shots, but then got into a rhythm towards the end of the first half with some athletic finishes at the rim and some impressive dunks.

In a game that had very few players playing any defense or playing very hard, the broadcast team of Mike Fratello and Chris Webber both complimented the young Beal on his work ethic, his poise, and his ability to play hard.

This game really has turned more into a highlight reel and has very few sets or anything that resembles the actual game of basketball. For much of the game, Beal was more of a spectator as he watched some of his teammates bomb threes or drive to the hoop for dunks.

It's hard to truly analyze the game because there was almost no defense played by either team. The reason Faried was able to be so successful was because he only plays one speed; fast. He was relentless and was one of the only players who truly looked like he was there to win.

The game was still entertaining and it's always nice to see much of the young talent in the NBA on the floor together. Beal should get another chance to play in the game next year as a sophomore. We'll see if Barkley liked what he saw and will draft him again.

Check out photos of Beal from Friday night's game.

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