Garrett Temple Q&A - 7/31/14

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Jeremy Hyman

Garrett Temple explains why he wanted to come back to DC and what factors led to making that decision:

Q: General feeling on re-signing with the Wizards?

A: It feels great! At the end of day, I always wanted to come back. We're building something here, and after the first year I felt that this was home and I wanted to come back to this team and finish what we started.  I'm grateful to Ernie and the whole organization and looking forward to having a good season next year.

Q: Factors that led to picking Wizards?

A: The main thing was camaraderie.  It's tough to leave something like that, we had a great chemistry and great feel for each other.  The situation I really enjoyed, I didn't want to leave that, coming back to teammates and seeing how the fan base can be when we're doing what we're capable of doing, I couldn't pass it up and I'm happy to be back.

Q: How was it different than free agency last season?

A: Definitely different than last year, this year I had a few teams contact me and show interest, last year it was just Washington, they were the first team on 2nd or 3rd day and it was done.   This year it was nerve-racking, waiting for a few people to sign and waiting for it to be my time, I was a little nervous, but at end of the day I'm very happy and this is what I wanted all along.

Q: Expectations now that core group is back with some new vets added?

A: I think we can compete for the home court in 1st round. The East is more wide open, the reigning champ doesn't have its best player anymore, even though they made some additions, obviously Cleveland added something, Chicago added something, but we have a good chance.  We brought back our core, we brought in a Pierce, a Humphries, a Blair, but the familiarity we have will go a long way and we have a leg up on some other teams.

Q: Seen any of Otto Porter and Glen Rice at Summer League? 

A: I only got to see the end of one of the games, but I followed along on gamecast in OT. I've been texting them and showing love after each game, I'm really happy for them.  Glen and Otto have played so well, that's what Summer League is for, I'm real glad they got opportunity to show what can do.

Q: Anything planned before getting back to DC In September?

A: I have 2 weddings, my best friend will be getting married in Houston, and then a frat brother in AC,  then Miami for bachelor weekend in August, so it will be wedding season in August.   

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