Wizards Mini-Camp: Day 2 Report

Posted on July 08, 2014 by Jeremy Hyman

The Wiz Summer League squad was back at it today, the first of back-to-back two-a-days.

The team will practice again tonight, then twice again tomorrow, before holding one extended session on Thursday before we take off for Vegas.

It's a grueling week, but necessary to cram it all in with games starting up this weekend.

It can be difficult to throw a group together and have them play organized basketball, but that's what Summer League entails. The coaches have less than a week to at least install some sense of structure so it's more than just a glorified pick-up game once action begins in Vegas.

As expected, there were times today the coaches had to pause the 5-on-5 action to instruct, but the guys were more vocal calling out assignments and seemed to be understanding the concepts on both sides of the ball. This usually improves each day and hopefully by the time the first game gets here on Saturday they will be ready for live action.

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Also in attendance today was Al Harrington, who will help the coaching staff for the next two weeks with the Summer League team. Harrington hinted at wanting to move into coaching after his playing career is over and this will give him a great chance to dive into that world. But, he's made it clear he's not quite ready to hang'em up just yet and wants to come back and play another season.

Glen Rice talked about what it was like having Al out there as a coach:

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