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Posted on December 08, 2013 by Jeremy Hyman

Randy Wittman gave an update on the injured Wizards after Sunday's practice at Verizon Center.

Of the five players who missed Saturday's practice (Beal, Harrington, Nene, Seraphin, Webster), only Seraphin returned to practice on Sunday.

Here are the latest updates:

Martell Webster

Webster sprained his ankle in Friday night's game against the Bucks, but he has made progress over the last two days and is hoping to play on Monday.

Wittman on Webster: "Martell's feeling better, but we kept him out... We'll see again tomorrow, but that's his decision. We want to err on the side of caution and it not to be a lingering thing. He said it's much better today than even yesterday, so we'll wait and see."

Webster: "That's the next game, so that's what I'm pushing for. We took some steps last night and just making sure we dealt with the swelling and prevented that as much as possible and then came in today and there wasn't any bruising, so that's a good sign. I iced it all night last night, last night was the hardest night because I had to keep it elevated. It was hard for me to sleep. But it was a step we needed to take to keep that swelling down. But I felt great today (Saturday), I was able to walk around, I was able to get some shots up, I wasn't able to jump, but I could shoot off my toes, it's a step in the right direction."


Nene left Friday night's game with tendinitis in his foot. His status for Monday's game is in question and he'll likely be a gametime decision.

Wittman on Nene: "With Nene, you just hope these next few days the irritation subsides, that's all it is. It's either there or not."

Nene: "Everything I need to do I've been doing, physical therapy, lifting, everything in my control I've been doing. How I'm gong to feel, how are things going to be, I'll let the trainers talk to me and just take it day by day."

Al Harrington :

Al Harrington suffered a setback in his comeback and was supposed to see a doctor to get his knee re-evaluated on Sunday.

Wittman on Harrington: "We ramped him up here the last few days individually, and he wanted to really push it, then today he had some soreness. I think tomorrow (Sunday) he'll go see the doctor again, irritation came back real fast, so that's a little bit of a setback but we'll find out more when he goes to see the doctor."

Kevin Seraphin :

Kevin Seraphin missed Friday night's game with a sore right knee. He returned to practice on Sunday.

Seraphin: "I had a little soreness in my knee, nothing really big, but they just want to let it calm down because I was a little bit hurt and had some swelling, so they just want to make sure it's ok."

Beal and Harrington will be officially ruled out for Monday night's game against Denver, while Nene, Webster, and Seraphin statuses are all in question.

We'll see if there is anything new on Monday at shootaround, but there's a good chance all three will be gametime decisions.

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