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As it has been well documented, Kevin Seraphin is an animal lover.  While many are satisfied with a dog or a cat, Seraphin is a little more imaginative. He is the owner of a pet snake named Snakey.  When given the chance to go see some live snakes and other species at the Maryland Zoo back in April, Seraphin jumped at the opportunity. 

He and his buddies, along with the Wizards Magazine crew, took a journey up I-95 to see the 3rd oldest zoo in the country (opened in 1876). 

After arriving at the zoo, Seraphin hopped aboard a golf cart and was given a tour. The first stop was of course to see the reptiles, because those are Seraphin's favorite.  He got to see a number of different snakes, the California King Snake, a Boa, a Corn Snake, and the Blood Python, which had to be handled carefully because if it sees movement in front it may strike. 

He then got to pet Yang, the Chinese Alligator who was a big fan of having his teeth brushed.  Then he headed outside to play with the penguins before finishing his trip seeing the lions, cheetahs, and polar bears.  Asked what his favorite part was,  Seraphin could not shy away from his love for the snakes, but he did say he enjoyed seeing all of the animals and would certainly like to return for a longer stay. 

Check out photos from the trip and see more exclusive video in this segment of Wizards Magazine (3:40 mark of video)

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