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Posted on January 23, 2013 by Jacob Raim

Hello friends, and welcome to the brand new Washington Wizards Blog. 

Wizards’ radio commentators Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor have moved to a new blog called Daily Wizdom, where you can continue to hear their thoughts on all things Wizards.  

This blog will now be the Wizards web team of Jeremy Hyman and Jacob Raim giving you all the news, analysis and behind-the-scenes coverage you could ask for. We will be on the road, at practice, at the games, in the locker room and everywhere else where Wizards basketball is. We will cover everything from the on court action, to the Wizards involvement in the community, to the lighter side of your Wizards team. You can also find us in the live chat for every single game on with the chance to talk to us about the game and all things Wizards.  We look forward to giving you top of the line Wizards coverage from all of the angles. Thanks for reading!

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January 22, 2013

Last night Jordan Crawford gave us some magic with his buzzer beater to put us in the win column for the fifth time in seven nights along with a season sweep of Portland. Here are ten thoughts on the game: