Day 1 Wrapup

Posted on January 14, 2013 by FantasticWiz

Jeremy Hyman - checking in from Training Camp. Just wrapped up Day 1 here at George Mason and it was great to see organized practices and all the guys running together again. The morning session featured a lot of drills and fundamentals which was probably a good way to get things started. The media entered for the final 30 minutes and as they came in, Bradley Beal took a spill, which he later joked that he was nervous to see them come in. The truth is that it still amazes me that Beal is only 19, which he also talks about in his interview, because he carries himself like one of the veterans. While a few of the guys admitted to not sleeping well in anticipation of camp (including Coach Wittman), Beal said he slept fine and was just ready to go. That's just the kind of guy he is, very even keeled, which is a great trait to have for a rookie. The night session had some more live drills where the guys could really go at it. However, the first 5-on-5 live scrimmage may not come until Day 2, where we will post highlights on the website. Here is Beal finding Martell Webster for an open 3 Check out some of the clips and photos from Day 1. And make sure to check out Training Camp Central for everything going on here at George Mason. Time to get some rest and then go do it all again tomorrow. -Jeremy

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Wizards Report October 4

January 14, 2013

Greetings from Wizards training camp at George Mason University. In today's report head coach Randy Wittman makes a strong statement about Jordan Crawford and Martell Webster notices the competition. aawizardsreportoct4

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