NBA to Penalize Flopping?

Posted on January 14, 2013 by FantasticWiz

Jeremy Hyman - NBA to Penalize Flopping? The NBA is going over their final procedures to penalize flopping. There has been more and more talk about this happening over the past few years, as some players have turned flopping into an art form. For those unfamiliar, flopping is when a player falls over when minimal contact occurs, in order to deceive a referee into calling a foul. Some players have become so good at this, they have gained a reputation around the league as "floppers" and now they may be punished for it. It sounds as if the punishment is going to be done after the game, which may not make fans any happier during the game when their team is on the wrong end of a flopping call. Some have called for fouls to be given to the player that flopped, which would be an immediate punishment as there would be in a sport like soccer. In soccer, if the referee deems that you flopped, you can be given a card. This may be a more logical decision, but hopefully the fines that come from this will help limit the flopping that occurs in the NBA. David Stern has repeatedly discussed some kind of punishment against flopping over the past few years and it looks as if it finally may come to fruition. "If you continue to do this, you may you have to suffer some consequences. What those exactly should be and what the progression is, is to be decided, because ... we just want to put a stake in the ground that says this is not something that we want to be part of our game," David Stern. Any thoughts? Do you think this is necessary to help clean this problem up in the NBA? Is flopping just like a catcher framing a pitch in baseball to get a call? Leave comments below

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