Feb 19 - Nick Young at Pakistani Wedding

Posted on January 14, 2013 by FantasticWiz

Last night, Nick Young was invited to be a guest at a traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony that was held at the Wizards team hotel in Phoenix. The Wizards arrived in Phoenix Saturday afternoon and Young was walking down the hallway when he was invited by both the bridal party (Latif) and the groom's party (Sidoiq). Young said that members of the wedding party recognized him from his days of playing in the Pac-10 with USC. He spent about 30 minutes at the wedding and was asked to join the couple on the dais, along with enjoying a piece of wedding cake. Young was all smiles stating that it was a "once-in-a-lifetime experience and that everyone was very friendly." The Wizards practiced this afternoon at the Suns practice facility and are now preparing for their match-up with the Suns tomorrow night at 9pm.
Photo courtesy of Nick Young

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Game Day Phoenix

January 14, 2013

5:15 AM EST,,,Dave Johnson checking in....bags are packed and ready to go home...oh...one more thing....would like to get a win tonight here in Phoenix. The Suns defeated the Lakers last night here 102-90.Steve Nash carved out 14 assists and helped Jared Dudley to a season-high 25 points. Marcin

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