Game Day New Jersey

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

6:30 AM EST...Dave Johnson checking in...I will be taking the train with Phil Chenier later to meet up with the team. Usually on these three-hour train rides we can discuss all of the team's possibilities and potential, but it is different right now. The discussion is limited because the number of players available has been limited by injuries. We know Yi is out with a sprained right knee and   John Wall and Andray Blatcheare not expected to play because of sore knees. In short this team needs to get healthy because 10 different starting lineups in 23 games is too many. But as the old saying goes you can't worry about what you can't control. The Wizards can control their effort and against the Lakers they gave a good one. The Wizards competed with the Lakers on the boards and limited their turnovers, but just did not shoot well.   Sure there were times   the Wizards may have settled for jump shots but that was more when they were desperate to close the gap on the Lakers. Wizards had several good looks early that they missed and for the game we had the Wizards at 13 of 29 on shots taken in the paint with 7 missed layups. It's a team game but big offensive nights from Gilbert Arenas and Kirk Hinrich will go along way to helping the Wizards secure their first road win. THE radio and live blogging…we invite you to connect with yours truly and Glenn Consor tonight from  New Jersey   as we take you inside the game….Wizards basketball this year can be heard on NINE radio stations from Baltimore to North Carolina. Our flagship station in Washington is 106.7 FM and in Baltimore Fox 1370 SportsRadio..and there will be a LISTEN LIVE       link at the top of the page.   Also if you have an iphone or ipad you can listen through an App called tunein radio. We start at 7:00 PM. 6:22 PM EST...Dave and Glenn checking in from Prudential Center...home of the Nets until they move to Brooklyn in 2012....As expected no Wall, Blatche or Yi.....look for Trevor   Booker to start. 6:35 PM EST,,,,starters are in,,,,,It will be Hinrich, Arenas, McGee, Booker, and Thornton....The Nets will have Devin Harris and Jordan Farmar at guards...Brook Lopez at center...and Kris Humpgries and Quinton Ross..

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Wizards Talk Heat

January 14, 2013

SportzWiz checking in...As we posted on twitter/facebook it looks as though Josh Howard might return for tomorrow's game vs. the Heat which is obviously exciting news. Flip said he also thought Dray would go tomorrow while Wall is most likely out. Check out the interviews below for more from

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