Game Day New York

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

8:12 AM...Dave Johnson checking in and ready to train up to New York for tonight's pre-season game against the Knicks. Wasn't Wizards Midnight Tip-Off at George Mason just yesterday? Yeah, suddenly we are down to the final two pre-season games and there are ┬áhard decisions to be made about roster spots (or spot) and about lineup and live blogging together begins tonight at 6:00PM...and LIVE IT IS ON 1580 AM..again that is 1580 AM....and there will be a Listen Live link at the top of the page.

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Toledo Here We Come

January 14, 2013

9:40 AM...Dave   Johnson checking in from New York and on our way to Toledo and tomorrow's pre-season finale against the Pistons. It will be tough to leave a hotel that has Tom and Jerry   and Looney Tunes playing in its elevators. Anyway entertaining--albeit sloppy--game last night at MSG. Al


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