Game Day Dallas

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

Click Here to Listen Live 6:01 AM.....It is so COOL to be able to say Game Day again...Dave Johnson checking in and  ¬†ready to welcome everyone back to the BLOG...or should we also say BLOGCAST...remember this is the place where we connect with you directly during the games while we broadcast on the radio... so whether you are listening on the radio, online, or watching on TV you can reach out to us and be connected to the court. Now we know the old saying it's ONLY pre-season but not this year. There are so many things to be psyched about from the unveiling of John Wall to the development of JaVale McGee after a summer with Team USA to the integration of new faces like Kirk Hinrich. In short I think we have a big athletic team that if it does the work on the boards will be exciting to enjoy....Hit the lights...we are on tonight.. spread the word. radio and blogging together with yours truly and Glen Consor starts tonight at 8:30 can listen online and of course on 106.7 FM The FAN. 7:56 PM EST...Dave and Glenn at American Airlines Center in we go....Gilbert Arenas will play...and in fact we could see Arenas, John Wall and Kirk Hinrich on the floor at the same time. BLOGCAST starts at 8:30 with Flip Saunders ¬† interview...remember on radio it is 106.7 FM or online.

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What A Start

January 14, 2013

SportzWiz checking in...Like most of you I could not wait until last night to finally see these guys in action. After the long wait, the team did not disappoint. I'll start off with John Wall, what a performance. It's hard to imagine, as Phil Chenier pointed out on the broadcast last night, that

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