Quite A Busy Offseason

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

SportzWiz checking in...I was just looking through this photo gallery posted on WashingtonWizards.com and it is quite amazing how much change this franchise has seen over the summer. I still remember being in Secaucus the night of the Lottery, much lower expectations than the previous year and yet the ping pong balls were on our side that night delivering the team the #1 pick. Since then the optimism has continued to grow, the changing of ownership, John Wall, the addition of some nice young bigs, acquiring Hinrich and Yi, re-signing Howard, signing Armstrong, and the dominant play of Wall and Javale McGee at Summer League. Wizards fans we are just a little over one month away from Camp and I can't wait! What memory sticks out to you the most in this exciting summer?

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Yi Playing Well at World Championships

January 14, 2013

SportzWiz checking in...While most USA Basketball fans on the blog were focusing a few weeks ago on whether or not JaVale McGee would make the USA squad, one current Wizard is playing in the FIBA World Championships and through two games he has been quite impressive. Yi Jianlian has becomes the

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