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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

9:43 AM...Dave day off for the team after getting back from Cleveland just after midnight...I know it's only pre-season and I don't care who was in or out....I still enjoy a win in Cleveland and also seeing my good friend Cavs broadcaster Joe Tait...he gets the biggest kick out of the fact that we Blog during games.....fingers crossed on Antawn Jamison...MRI on his right shoulder is today.....Mike Miller and Randy Foye really keyed the win and later on the BLOG some audio memories of some of their moments from last night SportzWiz checking in...Just wanted to throw some stats out there after the first five games. (for more on last night's games see the links below...) 10 - Currently the Wizards are 10th in the league in points scored per game 6, 8, 10 - The Wizards are 6th in offensive fg%, 8th in the league in defending the three, and 10th in the league in defensive fg%. 9 - Ball movement has been a key reason to the Wizards offensive success as they are 9th in the league in assists. 18 - The Wizards have done well coming out of halftime as Washington has outscored all but one of their opponents in the preseason in the third quarter and currently has a +18 this preseason in the third. 4 out of 5 - We have talked about the depth on this team and that has shown up this preseason. In five games, the Wizards have had four different guys that have led the team in scoring. 5 - Gilbert Arenas is 5th in the league in assists per game and 3rd in assists per 48 minutes, behind only Steve Nash and Russell Westbrook. 11 - Andray Blatche is 11th in the league in rebounds per game 3 - JaVale McGee is 3rd in the league in field goal percentage 6 - Antawn Jamison is one of six players in the NBA with multiple double-doubles. DAVE JOHNSON POSTGAME REPORT [audio:] Game Info | Photo Gallery | Video Highlights

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Interviews From Friday

January 14, 2013

SportzWiz checking in...Gilbert Arenas, Mike Miller, Fabricio Oberto and Flip Saunders talked following practice. Find out what they had to say by watching the video below.

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