Day 1: Night Practice

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

SportzWiz checking in...Dave Johnson will be posting later on as the 2nd practice is schedule to begin at 6:00pm (and should feature more scrimmaging according to Coach Flip Saunders) but I just wanted to give some quick links from this morning's practice. Video Highlights Video: Dave Johnson Talks About the First Practice Video: Saunders, Miller and Jamison Talk About Practice Day 1: Photo Gallery 5:21 PM..Dave Johnson back for the PM practice....players have been here since between 4:30 and 5....It was a strong start this morning...drills were seamless one flowed into the next...again any description of this year's practice is not meant as a comparison to previous years but just a window to what is happening now..morning practices in a two-a-day set up are more for technique and shooting....tonight will be a more competitive environment. 5:41 PM   HERE WE GO START OF PM PRACTICE.....quick review by Flip of some things covered this AM...his offensive and defensive principles.....noted again   biggest part of defense is trust in team mates....

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Day One Practice One

January 14, 2013

7:20 AM...Dave Johnson here in Richmond and it wont be long before the first bus leaves for practice. First practice starts at 10:30 but players start showing up at VCU in the nine-o-clock hour. Pardon my hip terminology but it is just a good vibe down here--or is vibe no longer hip----Smiles

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