Stevenson Update and Quotes from WaPo

Posted on January 14, 2013 by FantasticWiz

FantasticWiz checking in... Washington Post beat writer Michael Lee ran a story Sunday on the recovery of DeShawn Stevenson's back injury, in which many quotes I thought were very interesting and promising with his determination. He is working with physical therapist Alex McKechnie in Vancouver to complete a week-long training session. With Wizards head trainer Eric Waters on his side, Stevenson will continue the exercises in Washington. Here is the summary of Stevenson's quotes in the Post's story: Stevenson on the roster additions of Mike Miller /Randy Foye: "My reaction was, 'Step your game up. You can't get mad. It's a business." On his comeback: "I'm the type of person, I'm going to come back and I want to come back with a bang. I know this is a big year for me, so I'm going to take it seriously." On playing hurt for the team: "People don't understand how much I did to go out there and play for this team... I was going through an injury and I normally play through injuries, but this injury was like a shock. It was a pain I never had before. I couldn't play like I used to play. I couldn't play defense. I couldn't shoot and I think that took away from the things I bring to the team. I think some people knew that." On not quitting on his team: "With me, I don't quit on my team. Even if we 2-15 or 2-32, I didn't want to quit on my team, so I sat on the bench." On competing for the starting shooting guard job: "I'm going to compete. I'm going to be -- I don't want to say arrogant -- but I'm not one of those people that's going to let my job go. In life, you get pushed and I just think I'm getting pushed right now. If I don't start, I'm going to be a helluva backup and if I start, I'm going to be a helluva starter. It's all about winning."

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