Game Day Rockets

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

6:51 AM....Dave Johnson checking in....It is great to have a home game but it is tough one. Working on my game prep for this Rockets game and it is no headline flash that the Rockets are a good team....  and it sounds like Yao Ming will be back tonight...Yao did not play in their game against the Mavericks because of a sore left foot.....Gilbert Arenas will have his wax figure unveiled tonight at Verizon Center as well....and yes it is encouraging that he is talking about being able to play 40 minutes by January...and yes I heard him talk about the benefit of last place is a top pick but he does not want last place and this team is not working on last place...It was tough to go in that locker room Wednesday in was real pain for Antawn I watched him talk all I could think of was running into him early one September morning as he was going to the gym....these guys worked hard to get ready for the season and it is not going well...tonight would be a huge's to an upset win....BLOGCAST--connect court side as we blab away on the radio---starts at is 980 AM in Washington...94.3 FM in Warrenton and Northern Virginia   ....92.7 FM in Southern Maryland and 1370 AM in Baltimore and of course online there will be a listen LIVE link posted at the top of the page. 6:20 PM....Dave Johnson checking in from the Verizon Center...Dee Brown and JaVale McGee will start again tonight...Antonio Daniels will come off the bench... 6:50 PM Starters are in...Brown, Stevenson, Butler, Jamison, McGee for the Wizards...Alston, McGrady, Artest, Scola, and Yao for the Rockets DAVE JOHNSON AUDIO REPORT [audio:]

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Game Day New York

January 14, 2013

Click Here to Listen Live 7:36 AM Dave Johnson checking flew up to New York last night. I am about to catch a train with my 9-year old son---if we win I will take him on the road the rest of the season....Knicks making deals for the future yesterday...the Wizards just worried about the

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