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Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

Hey everyone, tough loss on Friday night so hopefully here are a few things to keep you busy until the Wiz look to get even with the Heat on Tuesday night. First off Gilbert came out with a new blog. In his blog he talks about the elecction, his "change we believe in" tattoo, the Wiz slow start and a few other NBA related items. Second, as you might have seen we have a new feature on the Wizards Website with a So You think You Know Caron game. In this game Dave Johnson will ask you several questions about Caron and you can see how he answers each question. As I stated earlier I did this with Caron's cousin and he got four of six. The questions are pretty tough. Lastly, we will be holding a weekly mailbag this year, this week it is Etan Thomas. To send your questions to Etan email and make sure you put Mailbag in the subject and to put your name and city in the email.

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January 14, 2013

Hey everyone, we are just a few weeks into the NBA season and the Wizards have dug themselves a little whole but they have been in tough spots before and they have responded well. A busy week of games after a few very interesting weeks schedule wise. A quick stat, currently the Wizards have only

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