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Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

So I was talking with our team photographer Ned Dishman yesterday and we were discussing JaVale McGee and his dunks. Well Ned does a fantastic job shooting "remote" photos which look like this and this. Basically the camera is stationed up above the basket before the game and you can get great action shots on dunks and those types of things. It is personally my favorite type of photo. Well the problem with JaVale when it comes to these pictures is he actually jumps too high. See most players dont have their entire head above the basket, and with his 7'6 wingspan you can't see what he is doing on most of the dunks. Starting Wednesday night, Ned is working on installing a "JaVale cam" which will be an extra camera that will be put there exclusively for JaVale. Just thought you'd find that interesting.

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Monday Practice

January 14, 2013

Hey everyone, hope you like our newest blogger. We will try to post those on off days but it gives you a different view of the games and what goes on with the entire atmosphere. Also we have another feature that is coming out today as every week or so we will have Game Night Host, Autria, interview

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