Training Camp Day 5 Practice 1

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

5:28 AM...Dave Johnson here...up early and ready to go. I am taking a cue from Gilbert fact I hope everyone checks out the video of Juan and Gilbert right on   the front page.. and in the Wizards  TV    section on the front page there is my interview with Juan Dixon   and others as we try to bring you right here to camp with us. (UPDATE: We are having a few issues with the videos from yesterday but we will get them up as soon as possible) 5:35 AM...As always I  go over the comments that were posted after the LIVE Practice Blog...I thought Tom Mandel and Grifonracing really made a good point on how the focus is on players 6-15. It is sign of where this team is. I hope I am able to convery just how organized everything is here and part of that is the veteran leadership. There are leaders in place and a system in place. Juan Dixon noted in an interview yesterday how much Gilbert Arenas has matured since Juan played here the first time. And it is hoot to read all the predictions. I think there are real reasons to feel good about this team. Hey it would be better with Gilbert and the Eastern Conference is probably going to be tougher. Still I watched this team win 43 games without him last year and I am watching players who have just improved. Sometimes we think you reach the next level by adding that supertstar player. Sure that happens (every now and then)   but more often than not teams get better if their existing players grow and get better. We have seen that and are seeing that with Brendan Haywood. And Etan Thomas really looks 100%. Dare I say it but Andray Blatche seems poised to have a break out year. Or at the very least he really looks like he has put in the work to be consistent. The pick-ups of Dee Brown and Juan Dixon will add a differnt dimension. Brown is quick and intense on defense and his shot is better and Dixon   could be an X factor in games. I think we all go back to the time he scored 35 in the playoffs against the Bulls. I am excited   about Nick Young's progress. He is improving on defense. Eddie Jordan said yesterday that Young is understanding how to be successful at both ends of the floor... 5:55 AM...Going over other questions form yesterday....weclome sgrift17 and to your question about Dee Brown. In short I think Brown has done very well and is working hard to carve out a spot here. sportsjunkie you asked about Dermarr Johnson. I know they have used him as a 2 guard and I will get more for you later.. 10:20 AM...Dave in the gym watching the pre-practice practice so to speak... thanks for everyone who is blogging or just reading...we appreciate the response..we want everyone to feel like you are a part of the team...and I do mean that... 10:39 AM...just food for are some of Eddie Jordan's comments from yesterday

On Etan Thomas:

“Etan looks great.   He’s explosive.   He’s physical.   He’s in shape, and he is sustaining a high level of intensity.   We really missed that presence and dimension on the floor for us.”

On Dee Brown:

“We got a taste of what he can do in the summer.   I liked him when he was in Utah.   He’s done a lot of growing up.   He’s very mature, he’s very in tune, and we’re absolutely very fortunate to have him here.


More on Brown:

“He’s worked on his shot.   He worked with Wes Unseld Jr. over the summer.   He has a great work ethic, and he’s a tremendous guy.   He’s relatively young, but he has some experience.   He’s played overseas, and he played under one of the best coaches in NBA history in Jerry Sloan.   He’s going to be big for us.”


On what Andray Blatche needs to take the next step:

“Consistency.   He has shown flashes of brilliance, and he’s shown flashes of laziness in the past.   But this year he has been consistent with his concentration level and his skill level.   He can do it inside and outside.   He’s been here early to get extra work in, so with his work ethic and professionalism and consistency, those skills will be sustained for a long period of time.”


On Juan Dixon:

“I told him to be aggressive on every possession.   He’s a threat.   He is an absolute weapon and a threat when he’s on the floor if he stays aggressive.”


10:45 AM.....and some thoughts of Brendan Haywood...

On different line-up options:

“We definitely have a lot of options.   We can be real long with me, Twan (Antawn Jamison) and Dray (Andray Blatche) in there.   Then we have Darius (Songaila), Etan (Thomas) and Dray…Dray, Darius and Antawn.   We have a lot of bodies (and combinations) that we can throw at you in the post.”

10:45 AM....Practice underway....into defense in a half court walk-through situatio. Randy Ayers addressing things he saw in yesterday's practice scrimmage.

11:00 groups at either end of the an offensive walk through

11:25 AM.....streeeeetching time

11:50 AM...we are back up...down for a bit----technical problems.....they comepleted stretching and other warm-up drills...including dribble the court... and moing up and down the court in a good defensive position

11:51 AM...again divided into two side clearly working on low post defense other end different situations inclduing guard posting up

12:10 PM...scrimmage v white...again coaches involved in calling out plays...and offering advice in siutaions...refs are involved

1:13..that's it.. it was intense... competitive scrimmage to end with   a bang last hour... back tonight..hope you can join us



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Training Camp Day 6 Practice 1 (only one)

January 14, 2013

6:18 AM...Dave Johnson here...Looking forward to today's practice. There were two scheduled for yesterday but the players did get the night off. The one practice was very intense and included about a one hour scrimmage. As noted Dee Borwn, Andray Blacthe and DerMarr Johnson were among the players

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