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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

3:20 PM... Dave Johnson here.   There will be no evening we will be back blogging Thursday AM....players worked so well earlier today...given the night off. It was an intense practice inlcuding a scrimmage the last hour. Eddie Jordan said he thought everyone contributed something and he gave extra high marks to Dee Brown, Andray Blatche and DerMarr Johnson. In fact Jordan called DerMarr a pleasant surprise and noted that he gives even more physically than his 6'9 215lb frame would suggest.Please feel free to post questions and comments. I will be checking back and will be blogging live again from practice Thursday 4:30 PM   SPECIAL ON THURSDAY....Vice President of Player Personnel Milt Newton will joins us on the blog Thursday

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Training Camp Day 5 Practice 1

January 14, 2013

5:28 AM...Dave Johnson here...up early and ready to go. I am taking a cue from Gilbert fact I hope everyone checks out the video of Juan and Gilbert right on   the front page.. and in the Wizards  TV    section on the front page there is my interview with Juan Dixon   and others as we

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