Training Camp Day 3 Practice 2

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

5:43 PM..Dave Johnson checking in from the Siegel Center....thanks agains to everyone who jumped on earlier today....players have been here since between 4 and 4:15 doing shooting   and drills on their own...practice officially starts shortly 5:46 we go officialy underway...walking through the offense 5:55 PM...some of Eddie Jordan's thoughts from this AM

On the scrimmage this morning:

“I liked that we competed even though we were a little fatigued.   It was a long practice; a very physical practice.   The effort was there.”


On different backcourt combinations behind Antonio Daniels and DeShawn Stevenson:

“(Juan Dixon and Dee Brown) are there at the same time a lot.   We also liked Juan and Nick (Young) together.   We liked Dee out there with the starters too.   With Juan and Nick, although you don’t have a prototypical point guard, you’re a threat.   Dee can play with any group because he pushes the ball.   He also picks up (well on defense).   Juan picks up too, so there are different combinations that can give us different strengths and different looks.”


On Washington’s multiple seven-footers:

“With Andray (Blatche), JaVale (McGee) and Pech (Oleksiy Pecherov) with Brendan (Haywood) and Etan (Thomas), you have a lot of seven-footers across the board with different skills.   Andray is multi-skilled.   Pech can step out to the (three-point line), and he’s very physical inside.   He liked to front the post.   Obviously Brendan and Etan are veterans for us inside, fighting and clawing their way.   JaVale is a long rookie that goes after every shot, so it’s a lot of fun to watch them all battle in the paint.”


On Antawn Jamison’s participation in practice:

“He did a lot of shooting and moving around in practice, but we just don’t want him to bang right now.”


On if he’ll use Caron Butler at the ‘two’ position (shooting guard):

“No.   He’s an All-Star at the three-spot, so why screw around with that?   We have capable ‘twos’.   DeShawn is a solid ‘two’ that can really defend ‘twos’.   I like the fact that Nick can come off the bench and defend ‘twos’ and score like a ‘two’.   Caron is a ‘three’.”


6:05 PM...stretching instead of walk through...running offense up and down


6:20 PM Shooting drills now

6:27 PM...two guys run the as a defender in the paint

6:35 PM...back to walking throug offense


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Training Camp Day 3 Practice 1

January 14, 2013

10:30 AM Good morning from Richmod.   Dave Johnson here.My sincere thanks to all who jumped on over the weekend and even if you can't jump on during practice, I   go back and look at all the posts so feel free to post a question anytime. Count down until the officially start of practice at 10:45

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