Training Camp Day 1 Practice 1

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

Here is a link to the photo gallery from today's first practice. 10:30 AM Hey gang Dave Johnson checking in..can you believe it...IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN....Practice here at VCU's Siegel Center officially starts at 10:45 AM...but everyone has been on the floor for at least a half hour...KC Jones and Flip Saunders   are here at camp. coaching staff has been here since Wednesday to get everything all set 10:40 AM So many details....Wizards even brought their own basketball court to training camp...Great to see Juan Dixon in a Wizards black practice jersey again....maybe he could be like Roger Mason the last couple of years..a guy who needed a jump start on his worked for Mason and the Wizards   it would be cool if it works for Dixon and the Wizards 10:45 AM Team in we go...and like last year right into defense... assistant coach Randy Ayers leading the drill...defensive middle drive.. no layups 11:00 AM Drill continues...guys are rotating from offense to defense...but the whole point is defensive positioning....Randy Ayers saying   see   think and react..big emphasis on communication..... Cool watching KC Jones talk to Eddie Jordan...Jordan was Bullets fan in DC when KC was winning games for the old Capital/Washington Bullets 11:10 AM it is very much like last year...emphasis on d to start come a long way from eddie's first training camp when it was all about learning a new offense....Antawn Jamison' s take on this training camp I think there is something different with this training camp.   We actually need this in order to really get it going because we were left with a bad taste in our mouth after losing in the first round of the playoffs.   We need a lot of guys to get the reps in, understand their role and get some playing time because once the season starts we need to be clicking on all cylinders.   We can’t afford for things to take a week or two to get going.   We have to be playing pretty good basketball when the season gets started.” 11:15 AM   Change things up...Strength coach Drew Cleary leading the team through ladders for footwork 11:23 AM....New young player…Ernie Grunfeld just noted that Jackson Jordan..Eddie’s son made 22 jumpers in a row 11:26 AM...….one on one drill now starting several lines of players going from baseline to baseline 11:35 AM...and now a real partner Steve Buckhantz is here too!!!... Dave, I can't thank you enough...really!!!   Seriously, it's always great to hang with Dave...I do it six months out of the year, much to the dismay of his wife Diane. We're both sitting at the scorers table now, watching's pretty intense.   And as you've heard, the emphasis is on defense.   Pretty much everything so far has been defensive minded, with Randy Ayers directing traffic.   Remember, the Wiz brought him in last season and he made a tremendous difference, I believe. All the coaches are back, and as Dave mentioned, some "guest" coaches are here.   When I see KC Jones, I think back immediately to the old Bullet days when he was coach.   He was a hell of a coach, but did you know he's quite a musician....he can truly belt out a tune, including quite a rendition of our National Anthem.... Good to see Eddie Jordan running the show and I was SO pleased that Mr. Pollin and Ernie Grunfeld rewarded his efforts with the contraction extension.   I've said it before on the air and never mind repeating it, but I really believe Eddie is the PERFECT person for the Wizards job.   He's local of course, so he grew UP a Bullets a lot of us... he's smart... knows the game, was a great defensive player in his day.. had experience, helping to lead the Nets to back to back finals appearances...and he is just one terrific human being.   If you could spend any time with him, you could see what a classy guy he is.. As down to earth as anybody I've met in this business.   Plus, I LOVE the fact that when a mic is placed in front of him, he doesn't spew forth with the trite, pat answers, instead, he offers you creative, well thought out soundbites. 11:47 AM Change in drill now five giys running   the floor and then on the way back two of the five become defenders 11:54 AM...Drills changing..5 v5 emphasis on transition defense.. and then good ball movemnet on offense.. 11:59 AM..Just quick observation…Pecherov looks like time in the weight room has paid off 12:07 PM   Activity all over the place... 5 v 5 at what end of the court..again focusing on defense.. at the other basket shooting drills with   shooting coach Dave Hopla 12:20 PM Flip saunders now in charge of defensive drill. 12:30 PM..Change again...transition offense....Gilbert taking time to offer Dee Borwn some pointers.. and active on the sidelines as well...pointing out where players should be 1:07 PM...They are calling it a practice....finished with ten mninutes of offensive execution...KC Jones is now speaking in the huddle at mid court...we are hear every practice   back tonight..spread the word

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Training Camp Day 2 Practice 1 and only

January 14, 2013

10:45 AM...Greetings   Dave Johnson here...we underway and Randy Ayers is in charge as   they work on defensive spacing. 10:47 AM...remember feel free to ask questions and if I can't answer I will ask the folks that can. blogger doclinkin yesterday noted the imporvement on defense last year but

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