Media Day is Here

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

UPDATE: Media day just finished up. We will have quotes coming later. I caught a lot of Antawn, Caron, Antonio, Darius, JaVale, Dominic, Nick, Pech, Dray. Here is a photo gallery from today. Also here are a few things that caught my attention at media day.

  • I know it's the first day but the entire team looks to be in phenomenal shape, Caron and Antawn looked carved out of granite, especially Caron he said he's been doing a lot of "Yoga and Band work for his core"
  • Dee Brown quickly became a media favorite (I'm sure the Sports Bog will have some stuff up there). He's a fun and real nice guy, he talked about how he's two different people, one when he's on the court another when he is off. To symbolize this he wears a superman wrist band (we should have a picture of it) when he's on the court. I think he's going to be another player that fans will grow to love.
  • Antonio Daniels spoke and said his wrist is fine. He's looking forward to the challenge of being the starting point guard going into day 1 and to lead this team.
  • I think I've made a comment about 10 times that Dominic McGuire has improved his jumper by leaps and bounds. Well the first thing that Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler said when I asked about Dominic's overall improvement was his jumper and how offensively he's a different player. Then I interviewed Dominic and when I asked about his jumper, he had a big smile and said that he's been working really hard on it and he feels much better. His biggest goal this season is to crack the rotation and get some minutes. He thinks his knowledge of the offense, his improved jumper and his defensive presence will help with this
  • Every single player on the team can not believe JaVale's athleticism. Comments like "he's the most athletic big man I've ever seen.". "I've never seen a big man move like that." I've never seen a guy that tall jump that high."
  • On the injury front, Pech said his ankle is a lot better and he's looking forward to a healthy season. Darius talked about his back and said he stayed off of his feet for a little while and feels much better.
  • A lot of media members were asking about Etan's to other players and everyone was very happy to have him back. The veterans really think he will be a big boost to the team. When asked about last year, Etan said he was very happy he didnt come back, because although he was anxious to get back on the floor but his body wasn't ready. He's been working out in pickup games and he said he's taken full contact shots in those games and feels good.
  • A lot of talk about Nick Young and Andray and their ability to help the team this year from both teammates and the media. Andray says he has worked out very hard this offseason and has really hit the weights. Nick has been working on his ballhandling ability and his ability to move without the ball. He worked with Don McLean in the offseason. He was also very happy about the responses he's gotten on the movie and he's very happy people have liked it and learned from it
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    January 14, 2013

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