15 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Season

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

We made four signings this week, Nick Young had his documentary last night, Media day is tomorrow, camp starts Saturday, Pre-Season is around the corner, so needless to say I'm pretty excited for the season. So with that here are my 15 things I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. 15 Things I'm Looking Forward to 1. Getting to see 41 games at Verizon Center. Nothing like watching the best athletes in the world play the game they love. 2. Watching Caron Butler become a superstar in this league, the guy was sensational last year until his injury, and he's in FANTASTIC shape heading into camp. 3. Looking down at the stat sheet in the third quarter and seeing Antawn Jamison on his way to another double-double. 4. The first game Gilbert returns, last year the place was electric when he ran out of the tunnel, I can't wait to see the crowd go crazy when he does it again. 5. Watching DeShawn do "I can't feel my face" over and over and over again, and laughing and cheering everytime. 5a. Seeing DeShawn's 80's style outfit as he walks into the building 6. Brendan Haywood patrolling the middle on defense and his continued improvement in shooting the ball on offense. 7. Antonio Daniels consistent approach and floor leadership 8. Seeing Etan Thomas back out on the floor and muscling up with every big man in the game. 9. Andray Blatche becoming a force for the Wizards off the bench 10. Darius Songaila's movement without the ball that leads to easy baskets 11. Nick Young posterizing several centers this season. 12. Dominic McGuire's improved mid-range jumper and dynamite defense. 13. Hearing Pech say "I Get Buckets Son" after he drains a jumper. 14. Watching Dee Brown on the "one man fast break" 15. The first time the crowd goes "OHHHHHH" after a putback dunk or monster block shot by JaVale McGee. What are you looking forward to?

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Media Day is Here

January 14, 2013

UPDATE: Media day just finished up. We will have quotes coming later. I caught a lot of Antawn, Caron, Antonio, Darius, JaVale, Dominic, Nick, Pech, Dray. Here is a photo gallery from today. Also here are a few things that caught my attention at media day. I know it's the first day but the entire

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