More Video From Yesterday's Press Conference

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

Well fans after a crazy last week it looks like we will have a few quieter days. Obviously though a great couple of days for the Wizards, as I'm sure you know if you have read the blogs and comments I think JaVale McGee could do a lot for this franchise going forward. Even more so though is getting the captain back, it was great to see the team go out and grab him before anyone else had a shot at him. Here's more video of yesterday's press conference.

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Summer League Roster

January 14, 2013

Hey Everyone, I know a lot of people have been asking. Here is the official invites for the 2008 Summer League mini-camp. PLAYER Andray Blatche 6-11 South Kent Prep (CT) Vytas Danelius 6-9 Wake Forest Dontaye Draper 5-11 Charleston Frank Elegar 6-9 Drexel Gary Forbes 6-7 Massachusetts Dominic

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