McGee Presser and What They are Saying Nationally

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

As I eluded to in the previous post, the Wizards will bring in JaVale McGee for a press conference today at 2:00pm. Here is what the national media are saying about the Wizards decision to take McGee NBADraft.Net - The Wizards made a solid gamble taking McGee with their only pick. He's an extremely long and unpolished center, in the mold of the Warriors Patrick O'Bryant. The big difference is that McGee has some fire to accompany his shooting touch and potential and and has a chance to develop into something special in a few years. While McGee slipped from a possible lottery pick, going 18 sets up an excellent situation for both parties. Grade: A- CNNSI.Com - GM Ernie Grunfeld filled a need for depth in the middle by tabbing McGee, the best big man left on the board, passing over forwards such as J.J Hickson and Darrell Arthur. He must be confident he can re-sign Antawn Jamison. Grade: B Sportsline - Parrish's quick take: This is a pick rooted in potential and upside and all the other buzz words you usually hear on this night. McGee won't help at all next season, I don't believe. But he's got the size and athleticism to be very good down the road, and that's why this pick is worth the gamble. - I've long been torn on McGee. The lack of bulk is worrisome, but he's made amazing strides in the last couple of years. This is the ultimate risk/reward pick. Grade: B- ESPN - McGee has upside -- kind of like Andray Blatche does. McGee made a big mistake coming out early, and I doubt he'll ever turn all that upside into a real NBA game. Grade: C+ Sporting News - JaVale McGee is a terrific athlete, not quite ready but a good gamble. He has great genes from his basketball-playing mom Pamela McGee and dad George Montgomery from the University of Illinois. Grade: C DraftExpress - At 18 there certainly isn’t as much to lose as there would be if he went in the top 10 like some prognostications anticipated earlier on in the process, but still, it’s hard not to feel like there weren’t better players on the board here. Again, this will come down more to McGee’s internal motivation to improve more than any arguments about his talent. If he does pan out, this could be an incredible steal for the Wizards. But that’s a big IF. Grade: C Real GM - McGee (34) isn’t a bad pick, but if you’re going to go with a young project center, I’d rather go with Kosta Koufos or even DeAndre Jordan. Either of those players or even a JJ Hickson/Darrell Arthur would have helped them out more in the short and long terms. Grade: C

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Antawn Jamison Press Conference

January 14, 2013

Hey everybody obviously a very very very good start of Free Agency with the Wizards signing Antawn to a contract extension yesterday. The press conference will be at 2:30 and we will have it for you as soon as possible after it wraps up. The presser is up, click here to watch it. Also, here are a

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