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img_9821.JPG 9:25 AM....Wizards radio guy Dave Johnson checking in. This is the place for all things Wizards draft. Tonight I will be inside the draft room blogging and giving everyone the latest. As I mentioned there was a flurry of phone calls inside the room last year right before the Wizards pick but no deal. This year could be different. We'll just have to wait and see. And the Wizards also have a second round pick. Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld has a good second round history including selecting Michael Redd for the Bucks in the 2000 draft. I will check back later and please feel free to post questions. Again this is your direct line inside "The Room". I just got down to the Wizards Draft Room, here's a first person view from what Ernie will be looking at. The screen on the left is a constantly updating billboard with the center screen the live draft on TV. 6:20 PM.....Dave Johnson checking in from INSIDE the draft room.....it is quiet now although all the phone lines are being tested.....this is not the night to have phone issues....all kinds of rumors flying around which should make the night eventful.....It was team President Ernie Grunfeld who said that the draft is deep but uncertain. A big reason for that uncertainty is that this is also a very young draft.

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January 14, 2013

9:05 AM....Dave Johnson...Wizards radio guy checking in and   I want to say thank you for everyone who jumped on the BLOG last night..... it was fun. As we learn more and more about JaVale McGee, I think we are discovering there is a lot to be excited about. Again I love the decription athletic

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