Game Day Cavaliers-Game Four

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

8:46 AM....Dave Johnson checking in....the dream sceneraio is a repeat lof the 2005 Chicago series---lose the first two in Chicago and then win four straight inlcuding the series clinching game six on Friday night at home. That still is one of my best memories in my 11 years behind the mic.....that Friday night it was just sheer joy in the was like Marid Gras on 6th Street after the's a great make it happen..Wizards have to do what they did on Thursday---share the basketball, rebound (which has been strong this series),   and play TEAM is not about DeShawn or Caron vs. is about all five guys focused on the guy with the ball...this is something Randy Ayers stressed day one in trainig camp and very much applies now....BLOGCAST starts at 1 PM...hope you can join us....again we do radio and connect wuth us courtside.... 12:10 PM....Dave Johnson checking in court side....waiting on starters......if Gilbert is good to go....I think he will start....but we will update when we have it. 12:35 PM...Gilbert Arenas......will start.....stevenson, butler, jamison, haywood,....west, szczerbiak, james, wallace, ilgauskas

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Monday Practice

January 14, 2013

Hey everyone. I was down at practice today and shot some video of the guys talking to the media. The team all seemed upbeat and confident that they could turn things around. Anyway their are four videos, three of guys talking to the media and just a quick look-in on Pech shooting with Caron. The

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