Game Day Cavaliers Game 3

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

6:53 AM.. Dave Johnson checking in.....let's hope the joint is jumping tonight.....I remember coming back from Chicago down two games to none in 2005 and worried about how the atmosphere would be......Wizards fans were simply was a Staurday afternoon start--which also had me worried--but the atmosphere was electric...tonight it is not about how hard the Wizards foul is about how well the Wizards play on offense....I must admit I still can't get over the Wizards being portrayed in some circles as a bunch of rogue rough guys..but again the bottom line....this team is capable of so much more and tonight is the night to show it....BLOGCAST starts at 8PM..hope you can jump on....we BLOG courtside while we do the radio.... UPDATE: Just got back from shootaround, the one noteworthy thing, CARON SHAVED "TOUGH JUICE" INTO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD.

(Andrew Rosen / Wizards Photos)
(Dan Steinberg / Washington Post)
Hey everyone, SportzWiz checking in. In case you can't sit still waiting for this game I'm goign to suggest checking out the NEW WIZARDS INTERACTIVE LOCKER ROOM!!! IT IS AWESOME! 7:42PM...Dave Johnson checking in from white out Verizon Center.....GILBERT ARENAS will start...deshawn stavenson, brendan haywood, caron butler, anatwn jamison......west, szczerbiak, james, wallace, ilgauskas...

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January 14, 2013

Hey everyone, that's really all I can say one day after the most lopsided playoff victory in franchise history. Where to start, I guess i'll go with the crowd, there's no way you can understand the atmosphere unless you were there. Simply sensational!!! As I said yesterday if you can go on Sunday,


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