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Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

Hey everyone, just returned from media availability at practice. The team is in very good spirits. The overriding theme seems to be that we were there and we didn't make the shots we usually make down the stretch. Most guys don't feel that will happen again and if they are put in the same spot they trust themselves to make the game-winning plays. Coach Jordan said the team won't make that many adjustments although I'm guessing they will look at the play that the Cavs ran late in the game that had LeBron getting the ball coming off the weakside where it was difficult to double team him that was actually a point of emphasis in Mike Brown's postgame press conference yesterday. Anyway here is what the guys had to say. Antawn Jamison On what they need to do to get a split “We need to control the boards like we did yesterday. We can’t let them get second chance opportunities. Offensively we need to execute down the stretch. And we have to control their transition. When LeBron gets that ball and he starts going down hill it’s very hard to guard him.†� On DeShawn’s offensive struggles against the Cavaliers “It’s game one. You can’t really say that he’s struggled. Obviously it was tough yesterday, but it goes like that. I’m not worried about DeShawn at all it will come eventually.†� Caron Butler On his role “I need to be a playmaker. I have to create for my teammates and put them in situations where they can be effective.†� On yesterday’s game “It’s frustrating that we couldn’t close them out, but at the same time I don’t think the same thing will happen again. We learn from our mistakes and we will capitalize on the next chance we get.†� On tomorrow’s game “We need to get a win by any means necessary. We have to go out there, play hard, and try to limit LeBron as much as possible.†� On the pressure still being on the Cavs to keep homecourt advantage “You know a series doesn’t start until a team loses at home. I still think the pressure is on the Cavs. We have to go out there, make something happen and get a win.†� DeShawn Stevenson On the talk before the series“The way Gilbert and I were talking before the series is the way we felt. We put it out there and we came and battled. We just didn’t close the game out.†� On his shot selection “Some of those shots I get throughout the season and some of the shots I had to take because the shot clock was running out. Those are shots that I’m going to get. I have to use a lot of my energy on LeBron on the defensive end.†� Eddie Jordan On the game yesterday “They are a terrific fourth quarter comeback team. LeBron has a lot to do with that. Their other guys made timely shots. I liked the way we conducted ourselves. I like the way we managed the game for the most part. I liked the way Gil came off the bench. When it comes down to it LeBron made plays at the basket. We had cut off a lot of those plays early, but we let it happen in the fourth quarter. We need to shore up some things and make some minor adjustments. When you are on their floor, you make them shoot 39% and you are pretty much even in the rebounding department than you don’t have to make as many adjustments. We just need to play better down the stretch.†� On the last couple minutes “When you come down the stretch 4  ½ minutes to go and you are up by two and you don’t make a shot in your final eight that’s going to make it tough to win. Part of it was their defense, you have to give them credit. They cut off the paint. We settled for jump shots and we missed jump shots. We give them a lot of credit, they are the fourth seed, they have home court advantage and they have the best player this side of the Rocky Mountains.†� On the Cavs doubling Caron “We were a little surprised they doubled Caron. We knew they would have different schemes and that’s why you make adjustments and that’s why it’s a series. I think they did a good job of taking Caron’s rhythm away. I think it’s a matter of him looking out for his teammates. If you are double teamed you can’t just try to take people off the dribble. I think at times he looked for his teammates and at times he took tough shots.†� On needing more production out of his bench “With Gil coming off the bench it kind of throws off the timing and rhythm of your other guys. Roger (Mason) usually plays a little more. Andray (Blatche) plays a little bit more. Darius (Songaila) gets more shot attempts. It’s an adjustment for us with Gil coming back. So we are trying to find our rhythm with Gil and Caron who both missed a lot of games lately.†� On Gilbert’s role of coming off the bench “As of right now Gil is going to come off the bench. That could change by tomorrow at game-time.†� On Cleveland’s defense against Antawn “The Cavaliers have flexibility in their lineup. They can’t put a big player on him and drive him off the paint or they can put a small on him and chase him on the perimeter. They played pick your poison their and it worked because Antawn missed three shots he usually makes for us down the stretch.†� On Washington missing shots late in the game “If Antawn has an open three like he did late in the game we absolutely want him to take it. Give Cleveland a lot of credit they really clogged up the middle late in the game. Gil drove and passed out to Antawn and usually he makes those shots. Now if you have a defender flying at you maybe you give a pump fake and drive, but nobody was coming at him on those shots.†� On the interior defense “I was happy that we played hard, solid contests in the paint. They weren’t flagrant, they were meant to protect the rim. As long as they aren’t flagrant I think they are professional plays. LeBron’s very good at avoiding charges, so we are not going to try to take charges on him because of his body control.†�

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January 14, 2013

Click Here to Listen live 6:06 AM....Dave Johnson checking in early and eager to get this one started....It was an upbeat mood at practice yesterday...Wizards know they had game one but let it slip away..we could question shots late...but one three point attempt by Jamison was in the flow of the

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