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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

8:03 AM...Dave Johnson chekcing in and ready to playoff blog...Just passed some of the players in the lobby. This is different starting this early but it is for a good reason. There has been a lot of talk about all the talk but I think we are past the point where who says what   matters. Two years ago when the Wizards were healthy, while it was extremely disappointing, it was one of the best playoff series you will ever see. The Wizards most recent game against the Cavaliers was the 101-99 win on March 13 and they will need a defensive effort similiar to that game. As Caron Butler noted it is not about stopping LeBron, it is about making things difficult. Obviously we need to protect the paint and I think we have shown we can do that. It will be important to get out on shooters. The Cavaliers in the last meeting with the Wizards did make 13 3-pointers. And that brings me to the Wizards offense. As Antawn Jamison said--no quick shots----the Wizards do not want to tee up LeBron James for a chance to run the floor and throw down a monster slam. BLOGCAST starts bat with the BLOG hope you can join us....dave 11:35AM...Dave Johnson checking in at the Q....eddie jordan noted team defense..helping on one-on ones with LeBron and the pick and pops for Zydrunas Ilgauskas...rode down on the elevator with Caron say he was focused would be an understatement... 12:02PM....startesr are in...snow, pavlovic, and billy thomas are inactive...west szczerbiak ilgauskas, wallace, james.....for the cavs.....the wizards will have daniels,stevenson, haywood, butler, jamison

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Practice Report

January 14, 2013

Hey everyone, just returned from media availability at practice. The team is in very good spirits. The overriding theme seems to be that we were there and we didn't make the shots we usually make down the stretch. Most guys don't feel that will happen again and if they are put in the same spot they

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