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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

5:17 AM....Dave Johnson checking in from is time to get into playoff blogging form...I have no idea what that means... just thought I would say it..anyway in some ways it is hard to believe it is the regular season finale...we have been blogging with the radio broadcasts since the very first pre-season game...actually we have been blogging since the very first practice.....I wanto to thank everyone who has participated and I have enjoyed watching the BLOG grow....again the whole idea is to take  our loyal fans where ever we are...Glenn and I are blogging courtside during the game...can't get  much loser that that... and in the pre-season we were BLOGGING from inside practices as they were happening.....looking forward to tonight...see who plays and how much.... and then it is bring on Cleveland....I think   DeShawn Stevenson will start despite the sore back but likely will not play a lot--just my hunch----would not be surprised to see Caron Butler and Glbert Arenas get a little time......BLOGCAST starts at 7...hope you can join us. SportzWiz checking in. First off let me say that Dave and Glenn have done a fantastic job this season blogging throughout the games. Their insite is phenomenal and it's amazing that they are able to both annoucne and blog at the same time, they truly do an unbelievable job. 2nd, I hate to hi-jack this thread but I just wanted to let everyone know that the Wizards are going to have a new interactive locker room coming soon and they just threw up the preview here. You can also enter to win a free Gil, Caron or Antawn jersey by entering the sweepstakes on the right. Finally we are going to do our best to give you all the inside scoop with the playoffs, and there will be a centralized home on for all the information which should be coming up either tomorrow or Friday. And well one more thing the NBA will announce the playoff schedule tonight at about 2am. As soon as we get it we will put it up. 6:20 PM...Dave Johnson checking in courtside...Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, and Gilbert Arenas will not play..starters Daniels, Stevenson, Haywood, Songaila, and McGuire 6:30Pm Spalding Never Flat Winner....congrats to George Sellmon of Bowie.....he wins the Spalding Never Flat Pack that inlcudes a basketball, football, soccer and volleyball...

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Top 3 Moments of the Year

January 14, 2013

Hey everyone, we got two days to go before the playoffs (I love the 12:30 start!). I want to hear your top three moments of the season. I'm going with DeShawn's game-winning 3. Caron's return for his birthday And of Course the wins over Boston.

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