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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

5:33 AM...Dave Johnson checking in....It's Cleveland again in the playoffs...but of significance it is at least the fifth seed.....We have talked about how hard this team has played through adversity and how several players continue to play through   pain.... so it is nice to see   that the Wizards did not's been so tight these last few weeks.... and this team came through with some big wins....It was exciting to see Gilbert Arenas take over Saturday's game with the Sixers... that had to feel so good for him.. and   the Wizards really needed him to do that with Caron Butler out with a bruised right knee... and also with the pace the Sixers played at......Butler said yesterday he had an MRI on his knee that was that is good....still not sure if he will play tonight....we'll update as we here it...... but again getting back to the determination of this team...I think of DeShawn Stevenson---he has a bruised tail bone but yet there he was on Saturday taking a charge at a critical point of the game...... the way the Wizards battle and the way they can now play with Arenas back   gives us all a lot to be excited about.......BLOGCAST starts at 7 12:43pm Sportzwiz checking in. Quick injury update. Caron is going to be a game-time decision tonight, however I wouldn't be shocked to see him sit tonight because the team definitely wants him back at 100% for playoffs. Also, you could see other players sit for precautionary reasons either tonight or Wednesday now that the Wizards are locked in at least the five spot. One of those players could be Gilbert Arenas, we will let you know more around game time but that is the latest. 6:42 PM..Dave Johnson checking in.....starters are in.....Caron Butler is going to rest his bruised right knee...Darius Songaila will start in his place...Songaila is 8-3 as a sarter.......Gilbert Arenas might not play just as a precaution...he feels starters daniels, stevenson, haywood, jamison and songaila....Pacers will have murray, dunleavy, kareem rush danny granger and troy murphy...jeff foster is out and jermaine o'neal will come off the bench 6:46 PM....Spalding Never Flat Pack winner for tonight is Mac Hilaire Jr. of Elkridge,   Maryland...the Spalding Never Flat Pack...includes a basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, and football.......

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January 14, 2013

So the playoffs are now all set, Cavs-Wiz with Washington having to go on the road to start. Lots of cavs talk going on the boards right now. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that tickets are on sale so come out and watch the Wizards take down the Cavs. Here are links for game three of the

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