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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

9:23 AM ET....Dave Johnson checking in from Chicago....I am just very proud of this team. The Wizards have clicnhed their fourth consective playoff spot. As assistant coach Mike O'Koren said it has been a long journey. We found out on the first day of training camp Etan Thomas would need heart surgery. Eight games into the season Gilbert Arenas is out----and this after we didn't look so good in a five game season opening losing streak. Then there   were the injuries to Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels. Through it all this team has just stayed together and worked. Antawn Jamison sound like he will be back---maybe..that's maybe tonight....but if not tonight..Wednesday ....and Gilbert against the Heat showed us even's hoping the best is yet to come.....BLOGCAST starts at 8:30 tonight...hope you can join us. 7:15 ET..Dave Johnson checking in courtside....Spalding Never Flat Winner time....tonight's random winner is Frank Miller of Gaithersburg, Maryland......Frank wins the Spalding Never Flat pack...includes a basketball, football, soccer ball and volleyball.,,,just send your name and address to 7:23PM.....word here is that Drew Gooden is not going to go because of a lower abdominal strain.....Antawn Jamison said today he would see how he felt shooting....but he may not go....This is the first back-to-back for Gilbert Arenas...he is okay but we will have to see if he goes tonight... 7:54 PM.......UPDATE...Antawn Jamison will NOT play tonight...sprined right shoulder----Darius Songaila will start in his place...Gilbert Arenas will NOT play tonight....his left knee is is just a precautionary measure.....

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Antawn Jamison Joins Wizards Practice

January 14, 2013

This morning the Wizards went through a regualr team practice. Then there was one player in Wizards black practice jersey still working on his shooting with assistant coach Dave Hopla after the team practice. Antawn Jamison is working his way back to the action from a right shoulder sprain he

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