Game Day LA

Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

12:40 AM ET...I know it is early but Dave Johnson checking in......Wizards had a practice scheduled for Saturday but head coach Eddie Jordan decided to take them to Venice Beach to walk around for about a half hour...with this stretch of games that goes back...I think to when we took off for Florida...the Wizards just needed some rest.......a big one tonight against the Lakers...Darius Songaila continues to be a big boost off the bench...and how about Caron Butler with 7 assists on Friday.....BLOGCAST starts at 9:30 ET..hope you can joins us 9:06 PM ET....Dave and Glenn checking Pau Gasol tonight still out with the ankle injury. Lakers have dropped two in a row...not getting much production inside....took 45 threes   in their last to the Grizzlies... 9:17 ET....Spalding Never Flat Winner.....our random winner tonight is Arian Hamidi of Clarksville, Maryland......Arian sent his name and address to the Spalding Nevr Flat Pack includes a basketball, soccer, volleyball, and football..... 9:26 ET...starters are in...daniels stevenson haywood jamison butler...fisher bryant turiaf odom radmonovic...and feel free to listen online

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Game Day Utah

January 14, 2013

Dave will be checking in soon, but I wanted to give everyone the chance to talk about tonight's game. Tough loss last night for the Wiz, just a great comeback once again, but this one fell a little short. Huge plays by N. Young down the stretch same with CB and DeShawn. Gotta be very happy with how

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