West Coast Swing

Posted on January 14, 2013 by SportzWiz

What a win last night!!! I was talking to someone this morning and I was saying do you realize this team has split with Detroit, taken 2 of 3 from Boston, split with Cleveland and just this week beat Orlando! It seems that it's all starting to click again like it was in early January when the Wiz knocked off boston twice and dallas in a 10 day span. Anyway, big road trip coming up. 5 games in 7 days, from the outside looking in the key will be the first 3 key games, because they all look winnable. Portland has basically the same record as the Wiz, and Seattle and Sacramento are both struggling this season. However, it's the NBA and anything is possible, who would have thought we'd lose to Atlanta and beat Orlando and Detroit. Obviously the last two games will be tough with LA and Utah on the schedule. This is a HUGE stretch and a positive record over the next 5 games would most likely keep the Wizards in the 5 spot in the playoffs.

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Game Day Portland

January 14, 2013

Considering it's 7:00a.m. out West, I will get today's gameday blog up and running. Big game coming into tonight against Portland. Portland comes in with a 37-34 with the Wizards having a slightly higher winnning pct. The toughest part of today's game will be Portland's home court advantage. The

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