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Posted on January 14, 2013 by DJ-WizardsRadio

3:50 AM EST....yes almost one in the AM here in LA...Dave Johnson checking in.....Before our trip to Philly I said I was hoping the Wizards would reach the All-Star break at .500....that's out...but have a chance to end losing streak and at least be 25-27 did not practice but...Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels had individual work outs yesterday and they will be game time that is encouraging......hard to fault this team....against the Suns and Warriors I was concerned that the Wizards would be able to score enough.....they did---- but did not have the ability to close....check back later 5:00pm EST Hey everybody this is SportzWiz. I just wanted to post and let everyone know that we will have exclusive coverage of basically everything All-Star this weekend at We will be heading down to All-Star and will be basically try to be attached to the hip of Caron and Antawn. Just a couple of things to look forward to. Daily Blog on, I will see if we can get this on here so everyone can make comments. This will be updated throughout the day to tell everyone what is going on with Caron and Antawn. Exclusive behind the scene videos and pictures. Q & A's with both of the players. Feature stories on the players and their families. Shots from practice, Community relations events. Daily schedules, so you can see how busy these two guys are when they are down there. You name it and we will have it covered. Also, please feel free to type out questions to Caron and Antawn and we will see if we can get some answers for you. As for tonight, as I posted it sounds like no Caron for both tonight and All-Star. However, this team has shown grit, you can hear how desperate they are for a win, and no matter what this team will come out and play hard. Once again check starting late tomorrow and early Friday for complete coverage of All-Star weekend. 10:09PM...BLOGCAST starts at 10:30 and you can listen online by clicking the link above...Dave and Glenn checking in Caron but Antonio is possible. 10:11 PM...starters are in...Daniels is a go...stevenson, haywood, jamison, blatche.....cassell, mobley, kaman, thornton, maggette.... 10:31....we have a winner of the Spalding Never Flat Pack....that includes a basketball, soccer ball, football, and volleyball...congrats  Ã‚   to Katrina Proctor of Oxon Hill....just sned your name and address to

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January 14, 2013

Hello everybody, I am Andrew Rosen, and this will be the first of many blogs that I will be posting over the weekend. First off, it is great to start off All-Star Weekend on a positive note after last night’s great win. There is no question that the Wiz needed a win last night, and you could

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