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7:53 AM...Dave Johnson checking in...bags almost packed for the quick trip to Miami----that and my Kojak re-run DVDs...thanks again for all the blogging with us as we do the radio broadcasts..and jgarcia we'll have to hook up next game...too funny I went looking for you at half and was on the wrong side of the section..so 4-1 on the home stand..just playing good fundamental basketball..in the wins..good work on the boards...high assist and low turnovers..and played well in the only loss for the Suns...truly was a breakout homestand for Roger Mason....Eddie Jordan noted that Roger was just coming in and playing well and not overly focusing on trying to get   his three of four shots up before going out...in other words more relaxed and more comfortable...and the result he played well on both ends of the floor...and so happy to see Brendan Haywood continue to have success..he was the difference maker at the critical time in the win over the Timberwolves..check back later 11:43 AM....dave johnson checking in before getting on the plane..beeb..really liked your points about haywood..the game plan going in was to limit al jefferson with double teams and to see if haywood’s length would give him some trouble†¦well haywood did give jefferson trouble..as i said on the broadcast last night†¦he was also the difference maker in the 4rth quarter when we had to finally put the Twolves away†¦.and to questions about nick.. that was not eddie’s plan to sit him for so long..but both roger and deshawn were doing well†¦ nick will get plenty of minutes..brendan said it best after the game in the post-game interview..team is together†¦when they get down..no finger pointing..and there are great leaders like caron, antawn and antonio..again the words of brendan†¦i’ll check in from miami†¦dave

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January 14, 2013

8:21 AM....Dave Johnson checking in....greetings from sunny, warm, Miami. team arrived here about 6 last night after an afternoon practice...good to see Pecherov on the trip with us--he is not going to play---but I take it as an encouraging sign that he is traveling.Blogcast starts at 8...blogging

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