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2:09 AM...Back from Cleveland.....broadcasting legend Joe Tait seemed to get a kick out of our blogcast..or at least watching me talk and type....a big thanks to everyone who checked in and also listened...passing thoughts before I kick the dog out of the bed and get some sleep...defense truly was the story...the stats tell of 27 Cavs turnovers...9 Wizards blocks and 14 steals....but the team was just more active on D....deflections..denying passing lanes..helping..digging out the ball when it went into the post..it was a feel good win ..we didn't win the Eastern Conference...but the good vibe from the training camp carried over into an actual game...check back later today..Wizards are ready to rule and I am ready to sleep... 10:45 AM...Just thought of soemthing else while doing my laundry. Brendan Haywood   deserves a thumbs up...8 rebounds 3 blocks and 5 points....his approach has been the theme of this camp..sense of purpose.....what I saw on the floor last night in Cleveland..just a carry over from a very positive first week of practice...guys getting a deserved day off....back to laundry

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January 14, 2013

WIZARDS HEAD COACH EDDIE JORDAN On his reaction to Etan Thomas’ situation: “It is certainly a shock, but we have heard of it through the years. You hear about athletes who are well conditioned who have certain health problems that don’t necessarily go along with muscular and

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