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The Wizards conducted two pre-draft workouts Monday afternoon at Verizon Center. Cartier Martin (Kansas State) and Thaddeus Young (Georgia Tech) took part in the first workout, while Shagari Alleyne (Manhattan), Dontaye Draper (College of Charleston), Keith Simmons (Holy Cross), Kyle Visser (Wake Forest) hit the hardwood immediately afterwards.

QUOTES: Thaddeus Young, F, Georgia Tech On today’s workout: "The work out today was much harder than any other workout that I have participated in over the last month. When there are just two guys (Cartier Martin), the action is non-stop compared to when there are four of five players working out." On the cut he suffered during today’s workout: "I got a small cut on my nose during a drill but it wasn’t a big deal and not anything to stop the workout. I wanted to keep going and finish it out." On where he will watch the NBA Draft: "I plan to spend time with my family. I haven’t seen them in about two months. I got invited to New York for the draft, but I’m going to hang out with my mom and relax. I had strongly considered taking the invitation. We rented out a conference room in a hotel back at home where we are going to have a lot of food and we are expecting more than 60 family and friends." Cartier Martin, F, Kansas State On the workout: "I have worked out for eight other teams, but this was the toughest workout because there were just two people working out this morning (Thaddeus Young). It was challenging, but it was a good experience. I am happy that I had an opportunity to workout for the Wizards." Kyle Visser, C, Wake Forest On the workout: "It went well today. It was a tough and competitive workout – just like all of them that I have been through. The biggest thing is to show how hard you work and that you want a spot on their roster." On the workout process: "It’s a grind. I have been to five different workouts over the past five days. I have had between 9-11 workouts and they all have been very competitive. It is an exciting process, but I’m happy to get home. Hopefully, this will all pan out n Thursday. On the physical style play of during the workout: "I got an elbow to the mouth in Orlando and they had to work on my tooth; they had to wire it back in place. Then the first couple of minutes in today’s workout I got hit by Shagari (Alleyne) with an elbow in the mouth, so I will be spending some time with the dentist." Shagari Alleyne, C, Manhattan On the workout: "It was a fun process. There were different things that they asked of us that I had been preparing for over the last month. I have been training in Las Vegas and preparing for the workouts, so I felt that I was ready." On the NBA Draft: "You just hope for the best and hold your head up high. That is how I looked at the entire process."

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January 14, 2013

Caron Butler threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians game yesterday afternoon at RFK. If you saw highlights of this on the news, you probably saw that the pitch came up a little short. The fans in attendance gave the usual reaction after a short

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