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In the picture above, Andray Blatche was seen on the Wizards practice court today shooting around with someone. First one to name that "someone" (who in the picture is shooting the ball) gets an official practice t-shirt (size will probably be L-XL). Post your answer as a comment and we'll get in contact with you via e-mail! R55 correctly named Oleksiy Pecherov as the "masked man" in the top photo and will get a practice t-shirt. The team's 2007 first round pick (aka: "Pech" pronounced "Pesh")recently arrived into the States and was at Verizon Center Monday afternoon shooting around with Andray Blatche. QUOTES FROM PECHEROV: On playing for BC Kyiv this past season: "Last year was good for me. We played hard, we have a good coach, and good players. We lost in the championship series, but I began to understand the game better and became a better team player." On joining the Wizards: "I am looking forward to being on this team. I will do my best to help the team. I have all the confidence in my game and I will try hard to help the Wizards win some games." On his game: "If you want to be a great player you have to be good in all parts of the game. I try to work hard on all of them; rebounding, shooting, and defense. I like rebounding a lot that is what I try to do in the game. I like to score as well." On following the Wizards this past season: "It is difficult to see the games in Ukraine, but I followed the Wizards online. They did a great job, but in the playoffs they lost important players to injuries, so it was tough to keep winning. I think they are doing a good job and I am looking forward to next season."

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January 14, 2013

The following draft eligible players will take part in pre-draft workouts today at Verizon Center: Jamareo Davidson (Alabama), Ali Traore (France), Brandon Heath (San Diego State), Marco Belinelli (Italy) and Glen Davis (Louisiana

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