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Guards Derrick Byars (Vanderbilt), Javaris Crittenton (Georgia Tech), Nick Young (USC), and Sun Yue (China) worked out for the Wizards on June 8th at Verizon Center. QUOTES
Nick Young, SG/SF, University of Southern California
On his workout with the Wizards:
"I had a couple of dunks, some lob plays, and I got to show off my fadeaway, so I was happy. This was my fourth workout, and they’re all tough, but I am getting used to the process and enjoying it."

On where he would like to play in the NBA:
"I’m happy to go anywhere, as long as I get picked."

On his overall game:
"I’m a swingman. I play a position where all of the main scorers play, so I have to be able to do it all. I’ve been working on my ball handling, my shooting, and my leaping ability."

On playing at the University of Southern California:
"Coming from the West Coast, it’s hard because a lot of people on the East Coast don’t know what you can do. I’m the underdog."

On seeing Wizards All-Star Guard Gilbert Arenas:
"Gilbert (Arenas) and I are from the same area, so I had to represent. We’ve played pick-up together at UCLA, so it was good to see him today."

Javaris Crittenton, PG, Georgia Tech
On his workout and borrowing a pair of shoes from Gilbert Arenas:
"Gilbert (Arenas) gave me his shoes, because I busted mine. I didn’t realize it at first because I was playing so hard, but it didn’t feel right. Then I looked at it and there was a big hole in it. Luckily, Gilbert wears the same size. His shoes were comfortable, but those are big shoes to fill. I hope he lets me keep them; I think he will. I had a pretty good workout in them. We were really competing out there."

On his overall game:
"I can contribute defensively and offensively, in every aspect. I can shoot, get to the rim, be athletic. I think I can do some of the same things as Gilbert. I know those are big shoes, but I think we have some of the same game."

Derrick Byars, SG/SF, Vanderbilt
On the workout schedule:
"This is my fourth workout in a row. It is tough, but I just have to get used to this because this is what I am going to experience next year. I just wanted to play and work hard this week since I haven’t played since the NCAA Tournament – the Georgetown game. I didn’t play in Orlando (at the NBA pre-draft camp)."

On having the opportunity to be drafted by the Washington Wizards:
"Hopefully, there’s a good chance that I can play for the Wizards. I mean that with sincerity. I am familiar with the area, it is a great organization and a perennial playoff team."

On his play in the NCAA Tournament:
"The NCAA Tournament can raise a lot of guy’s stock, and I knew that coming into the tournament. It is not secret that I was fairly unknown, even though I was SEC Player of the Year, so it did a lot for me, for my University and the team."

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January 14, 2013

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